• Buy: 20
  • Sell: 10
  • Use: Cures most conditions. Basically, anything that Prestoveggies do not cure, Stardust Herbs will. Many conditions, such as FireMan or Sleep, leave you very vulnerable, so having a supply of Stardust Herbs is recommended.


Store: Topple General Store, Wendel General Store, Menos General Store, Jadd Blacksmith, Jadd General Store, Ishe General Store, Niccolo

Monster: Gloomoth (36%), Basilisk (50%), Batmo (50%), Cockatrice (50%), Shadow Zero (56%), Lime Slime (56%), Denden Tezla (56%), Pincher Crab (50%), Earth Basilisk (56%), Dark Batmo (56%), Night Sniper (56%), Clincher Crab (56%), Flame Moth (36%), Shadow Zed (56%)

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