A.K.A Tumble
Kana タンブル
Romaji Tanburu
Age 16
Hair Colour Green
Eye Colour Blue-grey
Weapon Bow
Children of Mana character

Tamber (Tumble in the Japanese version) is one of the four playable characters of Children of Mana.


Tamber lives in the Mana Village on Illusia Isle. Like many of the other residents, she lost people precious to her in the Cataclysm that took place ten years before the game begins: in her case, her parents and her younger brother, Toby.

Tamber's family made a living as a troupe of dancers, and her talent influences her gameplay style: she is mostly balanced, like Ferrik, but is weighted more toward magic. However, her greatest asset is her agility: she moves and attacks more quickly than any of the other characters.