The Tropicallo has two variants: Tropicallo and Boreal Face.





  • HP: 350
  • MP: 0
  • EXP: 80
  • GP: 132
  • Weapon Orb: Spear
  • Weakness: None
  • Location: Dwarf Village


First off, you can either battle Tropicallo alone with Randi, or you can have Purim (the girl) as an ally. If you are alone, have Watts forge your sword to the Broad Sword, then go fight in Gaia's Navel until it reaches level 2. Randi should be wearing Spiky Suit, Head Gear, and a Power Wrist, and should be at least level 8 (he will have 117 HP by this point). If you have Purim with you, she should be at least level 7, and be equipped with Chain Vest, Hair Ribbon, and a Power Wrist.

Tropicallo will appear in one of three places: On the left, in the center, or on the right side of the spike wall. When he appears, he will usually spit out a pumpkin bomb. It will bounce around and explode eventually, and will cause damage to you if you should happen to be hit by it. You will be better off alone as Randi, than to have Purim with you, but it is your choice. Charge your sword to level 2 when Tropicallo is in the ground, then when he comes out, let him have it! Each attack should do roughly 70 damage (give or take) to the boss. He only has 350 HP, so if you keep this tactic up, he will eventually fall. He also summons a vine-like Brambler to help him - one power attack will take it out.

Boreal FaceEdit


Boreal Face

Boreal Face

  • HP: 1100
  • MP: 12
  • EXP: 2245
  • GP: 1040
  • Weapon Orb: Bow
  • Weakness: None
  • Location: Ice Country


Your characters should be somewhere around level 25 for this fight. Make sure you have bought the latest armor and that all weapons are upgraded. Boreal Face is a relative of the Tropicallo that you fought in the beginning of the game, only this guy packs a few level 4 spells. Fortunately, he only has 12 MP, so once he is out of MP...he is yours to own with your characters. This also may be the first time you can see Dryad magic at work here, because Boreal Face casts level 4 Sleep Flower as well as Burst (which is a powerful tree spell). He also packs level 4 Cure Water. Unfortunately, this battle will take longer than usual because you do not have fire magic. Boreal Face is resistant to Water, Earth and Wind...which means you'll have to rely on weapon attacks to see you through. Also, Bramblers will periodically return to harass you, but you should take no damage from them. Also, watch out for the Pumpkin Bombs.

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