Battle theme
High Tension Wire
Lv. 10, 1800 HP, 109 MP
1246 Luc, 160 Exp
Elemental stats
Gnome (Weak), Jinn (Resist)
Physical/Special attacks
Lift (One target, sleep), Supersonic (All targets), Feather Needle (One target)
Speed Up (Self), Air Blast (All targets), Protect Down (One target)
Scripted attacks
Speed Up, after ≤ 1/4 of HP is gone.
ツェンカー, known in the fan translation as Tzenker, is the fourth boss during the storyline of Seiken Densetsu 3, during the quest of opening the gate to the Mana Holyland. After the main character and his/her two allies arrive at the cliff of the Corridor of Wind, they find Jinn being forced to summon Tzenker by Darkshine Knight, who leaves immediately after for them to deal with the monster. Tzenker appears to be an advance form of a Harpy.


Tzenker is a Wind-elemental user, thus she will obviously know Wind-elemental spells such as Speed Up and Air Blast. Also, she can lift a character up and toss him/her back down, causing damage as well as putting them in sleep status. After ≤ 1/4 of Tzenker's HP has been drained, she will cast Speed Up to make herself more difficult to hit and more accurate in attacks.

Dealing with TzenkerEdit

Before fighting Tzenker, it is recommended that the party be at least level 12. Because Tzenker is affiliated with the Wind-element, the spells and artifacts that can help with this fight is the Diamond Missile/Earth Coin, Earth Saber/Molebear Claw, and Power Up/Drake's Scales. Also, if you have the Mind Up spell, in the form of the Sahagin's Scale, give it to Angela, if she is in the party, and have her cast Diamond Missile on Tzenker. It is especially useful in having a character with high Agility, like Hawkeye, because it is rather hard to hit Tzenker with slow characters. However, Tzenker cannot evade the Gnome spells like Diamond Missile.

The fight can also end much faster if Kevin is in the party and it is nighttime, due to a bug that involves Kevin's wolf form. If Kevin gets hit by Tzenker, he will be granted a boost that is an equivalent to a Power Up spell.

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