The Upper Land is a region in Secret of Mana. It is a vast, forested continent in the central southern part of the world.

Points of InterestEdit

  • Cave of the White Dragon - A cave complex accessible from Fung Castle in Matango, home to Flammie and other white dragons.
  • Forest of Seasons - A forest that spans the eastern part of the continent, where all of the seasons can be observed in different places.
  • Fung Castle - A castle in Matango, home to King Truffle.
  • Great Forest - A forest that spans the western part of the continent.
  • Matango - A town accessible via a cave in the Great Forest, home to the peaceful Matango tribe of sentient mushrooms.
  • Moogle Village - A small village located in the Forest of Seasons, home to the Moogles.
  • Sprite Village - A small village hidden in the Forest of Seasons, home to Popoi's people.
  • Wind Palace - A palace located just outside Sprite Village.