Valsena (translated as Forcena in the fan translation) is a location in Heroes of Mana and Seiken Densetsu 3. It is populated predominantly by humans and has a mild climate. Its inhabitants are famous for their swordsmanship.


Valsena has a long history of producing Knights and periodically embark on dragon exterminations to cull dragon populations so they won't cause a threat in numbers to the world.

Seiken Densetsu 3Edit

Valsena is the hometown of Duran the Fighter, son of Loki, one of the Knights of Gold. In Duran's prologue, Duran is participating a tournament held at the castle courtyard and wins. He is later seen on the watch at night where he survives an attack by Koren, who infiltrated the castle while on a scouting trip for Altena. Duran then leaves Valsena for Wendel on a quest to become stronger.

Notable inhabitantsEdit

  • Richard - The King of Valsena, Angela's father, Queen of Altena's son-in-law.
  • Loki - Famous Knight of Gold.
  • Duran - Loki's son.
  • Wendy - Loki's daughter and Duran's sister.
  • Simone - Loki's wife, Duran and Wendy's mother.
  • Stella - Simone's sister, Duran and Wendy's aunt and guardian.
  • Bon Jour - Cannon operator in Valsena.


Note: All these enemies are present only during Altenan invasion.


Item Shop / InnEdit

Item Shop and the Inn are behind the house that has Weapon/Armor shops and Duran's home.

Name Cost
Round Drop 5 luc
Puipui Grass 10 luc
Angel's Grail 100 luc
Magical Rope 12 luc

The Inn is not available during Duran's prologue.

Cost of one night

Weapon / Armor ShopsEdit

Both Weapon and Armor Shops share the same space in the first house on the right when entering Valsena.

Name Cost
Bronze Sword 42 luc
Name Cost
Quilted Leather 22 luc

Places of InterestEdit