Emperor Vandole (Remake)

Artwork of Emperor Vandole from the Secret of Mana remake

Emperor Vandole is the ruler of the namesake Vandole Empire in the backstory of Sword of Mana and in Secret of Mana. He serves as a major antagonist in the latter game, appearing as the primary antagonist at first, but he is eventually revealed to be but a pawn to his general Thanatos.

Sword of ManaEdit

In the backstory, Vandole used power from the Mana Tree to create an unbeatable empire. Three Gemma Knights brought him down, using the Sword of Mana. In Sword of Mana, Vandole is mentioned as being slain by the Gemma Knights. It is rumored that Julius is his descendant. After Dark Lord's death, it is revealed that he is a survivor of the Vandole Empire. While it is not entirely clear, it is implied that he is either Vandole's successor or Vandole himself (as Cibba believes, suggesting that Julius's Shadow is the Vandole slain by the Gemma Knights years ago).

He desires Mana power, yet isn't completely sure what to do with it. However, he has shown a desire during both of his appearances to make the current candidate for the Mana Goddess into his slave or bride.

Secret of ManaEdit

Another person under the name of Vandole appears in Secret of Mana. It is not clear if this Vandole is a reincarnation of the Vandole from Sword of Mana, or a completely different person altogether.

He seeks to unseal the 8 Mana Seeds to obtain the Mana Fortress. After he succeeds in raising the Lost Continent he shows such a callous disregard for his right hand Sheex's death that he gets betrayed by his servants the Lamian Naga Fanha and the ancient Dark Lich Thanatos, who also wanted to obtain the Mana Fortress. Once the empire succeeded in its goals, Fanha killed Vandole and while she and Geshtar fell against Randi, Primm, and Popoi, Thanatos on Fanha's request activated the Mana Fortress which took off to the air. The diary cut from the finished game reveals that Vandole was a dark force posing as human.