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Welcome to the Wiki of Mana
The true sanctuary for Mana / Seiken Densetsu fans that anyone can edit!

This wiki currently contains 632 articles, but we can always do with more! Feel free to help out!

The Mana Series


  1. AoM Logo.png
    Adventures of Mana
  2. Secret of Mana Logo.png
    Secret of Mana
  3. Seiken Densetsu 3 Logo.png
    Seiken Densetsu 3
  4. Legend of Mana Logo.png
    Legend of Mana
  5. Sword of Mana Logo.png
    Sword of Mana
  6. Children of Mana Logo.png
    Children of Mana
  7. Dawn of Mana Logo.png
    Dawn of Mana
  8. Heroes of Mana Logo.png
    Heroes of Mana
  9. Circle of Mana Logo.png
    Circle of Mana
  10. Rise of Mana Logo.png
    Rise of Mana

Recurring elements

Seiken Collection group
Seiken Collection Nintendo Switch

Featured Image

Popoi's Notebook

18 June, 2013
Rise of Mana trademarked!
5 March, 2013
Circle of Mana live in Japan!
7 September, 2012
Circle of Mana trademarked!
1 December, 2010
Secret of Mana is released for iOS!
1 June, 2009
Secret of Mana is announced for Japanese mobile phones!

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